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Asphalt offers distinct advantages - cost savings, speed of construction, smooth surface, and long lasting durability. Asphalt combines stone or gravel and sand bonded by asphalt cement, a crude oil product. The mixture is applied hot and then compacted. Of the more than two million miles of paved road in the U.S., 94% is surfaced with asphalt. Asphalt has the versatility to suit every surfacing project. From tennis courts, bike trails, parking lots and subdivisions, to highways, interstates and airport runways, asphalt fits any application. It's also the only paving material that is 100% recyclable. Myrl & Roy’s is a commercial supplier and performs laydown services in the Sioux Falls area.

Asphalt Construction

Asphalt Construction:

Myrl & Roy's Paving is the only company in the area that crushes its own materials, produces its own asphalt, and constructs the finished asphalt product. The result is a superior product for our customers where quality is ensured throughout each step of the process.

Your job begins with an accurate estimate. Our staff of experienced estimators and engineers will review the specifications for your job and then quote a price that is competitive - for work that is superior.

Dirt Work

Dirt Work:

Myrl & Roy's experienced operators can prepare your site to fit your particular needs. Our team has built sites for housing developments, commercial properties and reclamation projects.



For more than 50 years Myrl & Roy's has been delivering quality projects in Sioux Falls, SD and the tri-state area. Our supervisors, who average over 20 years of experience, drive our desire for perfection. This commitment to excellence and pride in workmanship has earned Myrl & Roy's Paving the reputation as the regions finest.

Custom Crushing

Custom Crushing:

Myrl & Roy's portable crushing equipment produces aggregate quickly and specific to the customers needs. After crushing aggregates for over 50 years, we've learned a thing or two about how to produce quality aggregates.

Snow Removal

Snow Removal:

Myrl & Roy's Paving has a diverse fleet of snow plows, trucks, loaders, skidsteers, and sanding trucks to meet customers' needs. Snow removal and sanding is contracted on a seasonal basis.

Customers include municipalities and all categories of business from big box retail stores to small stores.